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Experience the high quality SLA trainings. Our SLA cosultants are working in this expanse since many years. We aspire to give you the best by being the best. We, the SLA consultants exchange the latest developments in this area with each other on day-to-day basis. In this way each one of us is updated and hence the participants of the SLA trainings always have the updated knowledge and methods for the trainings.
Experienced SLA Consultants
Dr. Robert Scholderer has completed his study from three Excellent Universities. Masters in Maths and Information technology from Munich, Doctorate from Karlsruhe and habilitation from TU Illmenau, where he is still engaged as a Professor. He, as an SLA Consultant has closed more than 1000 service level agreements amounting to the volume of approximately 800 Million Euros for well-known companies and corporations, which are an evidence of his practical skills. He is the Author of the IT-Bestseller "IT-Servicekatalog". His Trainings, seminars and contracts are inspired from his well founded and tested knowledge.
SLA Consultant Robert Scholderer
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Dr. Robert Scholderer
Priv.-Doz. Dr.-Ing. habil.
Parminder Gill is working as a Service Catalogue Manager. She imparts her expertise gained in the international market during the trainings. Her areas of expertise are IT service catalogues, service level agreements, IT architecture and chatbot development.

SLA Consultant Parminder Gill
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Master of Science
Hagen Aescht is a Service Level Manager and SLA Consultant. As an expert in strategy consulting, he is also active in medium sized and DAX-listed companies. His expertise lies in the area of business management. He is well aware of the problems arising in determination of the value chain through outsourcing. After undertaking numerous projects in Businessprocess Outsourcing with respect to IT, he developed keen interest in IT. He is also invited as a speaker in many relevant conferences and as a market analyst.
SLA Consultant Hagen Aescht
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After studying Business Informatics, Michael Jost worked at various companies in leading IT positions. He worked on modernization of the IT landscape in an MDAX company, built up the IT of an European Telecommunications and IT service provider. He has also designed the IT subsidiary of a leading investment bank. His extensive hands-on experience spans all of the responsibilities of a CIOs: data center operations, outsourcing, digitalization, application integration, IT organization and project management within Germany and Europe. As an SLA Consultant, he specializes in process optimization and business alignment of IT.
SLA Consultant Michael Jost
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After completing his studies and doctorate Dr. Alexander Lürken-Uhl continued as an Assistant Professor in Uni-Trier. He has worked in information electronics and as Project Leader for Digital Media. During his stint at Gfk, Nürnberg he has coordinated an international team as head of online operations. Now he is heading the computing centre in Universität Trier with more than 50 employees and co-ordinating several external providers. His experience as IT Head adds value to the SLA-Trainings.

SLA Consultant Alexander Lürken-Uhl
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Dr. rer. nat.
Over the last 15 years, Jörg Richert has been engaged in Management sector. He has gained international experience while working in India, East Europe and America. His outsourcing experience as an SLA Consultant includes SLAs on-site and off-shore with India. In the projects he coined the IT risk management and integrated security guidelines for the contracts. In his engagement with national companies, his know-how in SLAs has helped them to develop the SLAs to a more standardized level.

SLA Consultant Jörg Richert
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Ingrid Peters is a management trainer. She is a certified trainer for open and agile structures in IT companies, which form the basis for training in the field of service desk. With more than 14 years of coaching experience, her trainings are clearly structured and perfectly tailored to our customers' needs. With several exceptional training concepts, she leads companies on a path of success with goal-oriented approach.

SLA Consultant Ingrid Peters
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Mathias Balkow is an SLA Consultant and has headed the areas of IT service and global license management in a reputed company for several years. He has more than ten years of experience in logistics, group organization and IT service management. He shares his experience as an IT manager in his SLA trainings and provides inside knowledge. For day-to-day business with external service providers as well as business units he gives tips and tricks to meet their challenges.

SLA Consultant Mathias Balkow
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Jerome Schweitzer works in the field of artificial intelligence. He contributes his experience of programming in several IT projects of our clientele. Through his approach, new IT self services can be implemented in a structured manner. In the form of chatbots, he successfully implements IT self services for our clients and provides them with appropriate interfaces. This knowledge plays an important role in the trainings on the subject of IT self services.

SLA Consultant Jerome Schweitzer
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Marina Fautz is responsible for national Business Development. Her domain includes SLA trainings, IT service catalogue and IT self service trainings. Her product management experience gives our trainings new impulses and makes it possible to expand our presence nationally and globally.

SLA Consultant Marina Fautz
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SLA Bestseller - Experience the author live!
As an SLA trainer, lecturer, consultant, manager and entrepreneur in the area of service level agreements and IT service catalogues, Dr. Ing. Robert Scholderer has gained profound practical experience and everyday know-how from numerous assignments. The SLA speaker and author of the bestselling book "IT Service Catalogue" would like to give you insight into the pitfalls in the SLA contracts. He is known for making the otherwise monotonous content of the service level agreements, more lively for his audience with intelligent and creative media to keep them pinned to the lecture. His book "IT Service Catalogue" is already one among the 20 most important computer science books on amazon.

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SLA Consultant Speaker
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Priv.-Doz. Dr.-Ing. habil.
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