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Our SLA trainings are based on strong fundamentals. We influence the SLA community by continually consolidating our experience and developing new concepts. We have compiled these concepts in the books. The concept "SOUSIS Model" is accepted as the international standard for the SLA documentation.
Well Equipped Service Level Manager
Released in 2017 IT Service Catalogue Design services in IT professionally and implement successfully
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IT Service Catalogue Book
The IT service catalogue is the compilation of all IT services which are offered in an IT company. The IT service catalogue gives customers a detailed description of an IT service and allows them to book them.

The book IT service catalogue is the first book which is released in the market on this topic. One of the reasons being the complexity of this topic. The concepts in this book are based on 10 years of experience and the evaluation of more than 100 IT service catalogues that have proven themselves in IT operations. In addition, 8 years of experiences and questions by the participants have been answered. Our book provides service catalogue managers with a variety of templates for describing IT services, KPIs, and ITIL processes.

Released in 2016 Management of Service Level Agreements (2nd edition) Structured basics and practical solutions with COBIT, ISO 20000 and ITIL
SLA Management Book
This is the second edition of the book. It provides key concepts and guidelines for cloud service's official SLA policies. SLA model SOUSIS for management of service level agreements has been approved by the Federal Ministry for Research and Development and is considered as IT standard in addition to ISO, Cobit and ITIL.

In our new edition, penalty strategies are discussed. These strategies are shown and analyzed from the point of view of customers or service providers. In addition, the second edition contains a template on how the service level management process should be structured in such a way that it reaches the closure and the next targets are achieved. We have also examined the new versions of existing standards for service level management and highlighted the changes.

Released in 2011 Management of Service Level Agreements Structured basics and practical solutions with COBIT, ISO 20000 and ITIL
Management of Service Level Agreements
Management of service level agreements customer benefits and an effective and efficient service level management with its service level agreements determine the long-term success of IT providers.

This book is considered as the standard for service level agreements in the IT community. In this book, a variety of concepts from practice are combined into a holistic approach. This book describes the topics of service level management and service level agreements in relation to each other and thus provides a unique view of the practice. This is the experience of more than 1000 service level agreements which have been closed successfully. Hence it is very well received and rated by service level managers.

Released in April 2012 Practical Service Level Management Basic Knowledge Implementation, Practical Examples
Practical Service Level Management
This book describes how it is possible to develop and manage viable service level agreements in practice. It has valuable information for the successful introduction or optimization of service level management for the IT managers.

The decision to introduce service level management in IT operations is a milestone towards customer orientation. IT operations are aiming towards serving their customers in line with the marketplace by using service level agreements to align their IT services with customers. The complexity of the SLM is not included in the process steps. Rather, the SLAs are significantly more complex and require little but extensive process steps. The skills of the service level manager must be consistently aligned.

Released in January 2012 Lexicon IT Management
Lexicon IT Management
Around 700 terms are described in this reference book and thus explain the IT management. Many employees working in IT operations have a suitable site by their side, which is also of interest to IT users.

In this lexicon the following terms are defined by Dr. Robert Scholderer:
  • Service management
  • Contract management
  • Operational level agreement
  • Service catalogue
  • Service level management
  • Service level agreement
After a thorough review, the definitions were released and published. Today these terms are the basis for many economic and scientific areas.

Released in May 2009 ITIL compliant SLAs and SLM Composition and value creation to improve the quality of ICT services, University Ilmenau.
ITIL compliant SLAs and SLM
Users in Industry 4.0 are increasingly in need of new and above all IT services for information and communication technology from IT operators. To ensure the continuity of services, it is necessary for IT operations to adjust accordingly.

The habilitation thesis structures the acquired knowledge during eight years of consultation into IT groups. The primary goal was, to find a way to define quality improvement in IT industry and describe it mathematically. The result was a postdoctoral thesis that completely reviews the service level management and provides clear models on how to effectively and efficiently set up IT for this area.
Released in April 2001 Quality assessment for IT providers A Quality Assessment Model for the Operation of Networked Systems, GCA-Publisher (Series Research and Knowledge Informatics)
Quality assessment for IT providers
The quality assessment of IT systems must be developed in an operator-friendly way. Thorough operational restructuring is undesirable because it should be applicable without much efforts. The quality assessment model shows how an overall quality monitoring and assurance can succeed.

The quality assessment model consists of three models (meta-model, layered model, information model). These three models show how quality management moves completely through the networked system as well as the organizational structure of the data center. It also shows ways to transform security into a valid scheme.
Released in May 2000 Integrated Management of Networked Systems Integrated Management of Networked Systems, Morgan Kaufmann
Integrated Management of Networked Systems
Integrated Management of Networked Systems Co-Author: Part 19.4 - Future of Assistants for the Coordination of Operational Processes

The book Integrated Management of Networked Systems presents a variety of IT concepts. The assistant concepts of Dr. Robert Scholderer are now included in several ITIL tools. The internationalization brought new impetus to the ITIL tool market. Hence, several ITIL processes can be realised in the IT operations.

Released in September 1999 Integrated Management of Networked Systems Integrated Management of Networked Systems, dpunkt-Publisher
Integrated Management of Networked Systems
Integrated Management of Networked Systems Co-author: Section 19.4 - Outlook for Wizards to Coordinate Operational Processes

Dr. Robert Scholderer was responsible for the use of semi-automated wizards in networked systems. A process-oriented concept is realized, which shows how the organizational quality in networked systems can be increased if highly complex work processes are automated with few dedicated manual interventions. This wizard concept works as a support for IT staff who can do routine work to focus more on their core business.

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