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Our company MetaOne Pvt. Ltd was established in 2010, from G-NE Pvt. Ltd. which was founded in 2000. We specialize in SLAs, Service Catalogues and Self Services. We offer our services in these three areas in coherence from a single source. We are the only IT company in the market to have a proven and tested concept for IT services. We are not only limited to these fields. We continue to research and develop innovative concepts to standardize IT services for new IT requirements.
Guiding Principles and Motivation

Who we are!

We standardize IT-based services to facilitate B2B trading. Many companies are involved in national as well as international trade with each other. However, they have different systems for purchasing, sales, inventory management and accounting. Standardization helps to simplify such exchange processes and avoid sources of error at the interfaces. Our offer is based on three pillars. The first pillar is publishing books and papers in which we highlight the possibilities of standardization. Training and workshops to raise awareness of such standards and possible outsourcing to companies forms the second pillar. The third pillar is consulting, where we support individual companies in the standardization of IT services. The aim is to use standardized IT services to make value chains in the B2B sector more stable.

Why people know US!

International Recognition: Our products are recognized patents and standards, according to which corporations and large IT companies align their outsourcing contracts. Our SOUSIS standard is among one of the four leading international standards (according to the SLA Cloud Services Directive issued by the Federal Ministry of Research and Development) and is used by more than 1,800 IT companies worldwide. Our IT service catalogue model CECAR is also used by more than 1,000 IT companies in the D-A-CH region. Our IT self service model HUSSKI is the only IT training in this field in Germany.

Who are our clients?

All corporations, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) which are involved in IT outsourcing. The target group is the whole digitalization branch. Our trainings are just as important for corporate customers as they are for service providers. We have both in mind as our target group.

In what way do our services benefit our clientele?

We are a company, that designs standards for IT services and circulates them in the form of trainings, consulting and publications. We have extensive know-how in the development and support of more than 1000 IT service contracts and 4000 standardized IT services. One who wants to offer IT services rationally and cost-effectively, usually uses our templates or attends our training courses. Hence we achieve a high budding effect and thus the desired standardization.

What are our Innovations?

With our solution, we cover the basic need of delivering IT services in the form of recognized IT standards. Most small and medium-sized businesses do not design standards because they believe that only large companies can develop standards. Our standards are focused on efficiency and built on complex international standards such as ISO, ITIL and COBIT. Implementation of our standards, results in a cost-effective economy of up to a factor of 100 for the company.

What makes us unique?

Within the community and among competitors, we have earned an enormous reputation for our knowledge: Founder Robert Scholderer has researched and worked on the subject of IT standards in his doctoral thesis and for habilitation dissertation. He teaches at the TU Ilmenau and is also the author of the standard work "Service Level Agreement Management", the only reference work on IT service catalogues and co-author of other renowned works. We hold a patent, have received two innovation awards and an industry award for our concepts. We are the authors of the internationally recognized standards SOUSIS, CECAR and HUSSKI.

Our Social Engagement

In principle, what we are doing is already a commitment to the society. As all people, institutions, clubs and companies are dependent on technology, behind which there is always a network of companies and technologies. We make sure that the interfaces between these companies and technologies work smoothly. In this way, we ensure more efficiency in working and less losses for the economy and society. In addition, we regularly engage with social institutions and donate to the Maltheser Hilfsdienst and the SOS Children's Villages several thousand of euros every year.

Our thoughts on sustainability

We stand for sustainable and efficient energy management. Our products enable IT companies to standardize their IT resources to save energy and to better consolidate standardized IT resources, which also reduces energy requirements.

Our environmental awareness is very pronounced. We travel to many cities in and around Germany and neighboring countries. All trainers are offered a Bahncard 100 and they use this for all their trips. For short distances, we use an electric vehicle.

We are a Global Player

We are a growing company with presence in the niche sector of IT services. As the cooperation between companies and other institutions increases nationwide and globally, it becomes more important to make this exchange technically possible, to make it more efficient and to avoid sources of error or waiting times due to technical hitches. We are already established in the D-A-CH countries. Since Germany is considered as a "leading nation" in many conceptual areas worldwide, an initiative is now being introduced in the international business to familiarize the existing "German concepts" by imparting trainings. Our internationalization is currently taking place across EU and India (New Delhi).

Our Vision

We are building an international status that identifies us as service experts. In this role, we will continue to develop our standardize our products to enter new markets. For example: If a new employee joins a company, IT infrastructure (notebook, phone etc.) is ready for him to use. Sometimes this takes upto several weeks, as it is dependent on factors like availability of resources and expertise of the employees. This waiting time costs companies billions worldwide. With the help of our concept, every company needs only minutes or at the most hours to prepare the equipment. The aim is to use artificial intelligence to customize similar standard workflows for the respective clients and to speed up the finalization work after approvals by person-in-charge. With this vision, we want to take up the standardization projects and establish our leading position.
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